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XPATIT can create a WiFi Hotspot for your business, based on cutting-edge network equipment, to help you provide either free or paid web services to your customers.

The benefits of a WiFi Hotspot include the following:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to manage
  • WiFi Social marketing development
  • Targeted advertising
  • Product and service awareness
  • User interaction and engagement
  • Integrated services and wide range
  • Increasing Hotspot exposure
  • Indirect income generation

By providing your customers Internet access through a WiFi hotspot, you project a professional image and widen your potential customer base, while displaying banner ads and campaigns on your Home page to redirect customers to the landing page you want after they log in!  

Another important feature is allowing customers to sign in through Social Login. Ask your customers to sign in using their FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter accounts. Ask for their email address and contact them for marketing purposes in the future.

Offer a free, trial or paid version of your services, by Voucher – Ticketing (thermal printer), or even PayPal payment.

The WiFi Hotspots we create for your business are based on safe access rules and provide web filtering and antivirus features, including:

  • Captive Portal
  • Firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Web Proxy
  • Web Filtering
  • Load Balancing – Traffic Shape

To ensure smooth and proper Internet use for your customers.