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Ubiquiti UDM-Pro UniFi Dream Machine Pro

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Κατασκευαστής Ubiquiti
Τιμή πώλησης: 455,00 €(Περιλαμβάνει 24% ΦΠΑ)
Τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 366,94 €

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Ubiquiti UDM-Pro UniFi Dream Machine Pro
• WAN ports 
- (1) 10G SFP+ port 
- (1) Gigabit RJ45 port 
• LAN ports 
- (1) 10G SFP+ port 
- (8) Gigabit RJ45 ports 
• 3.5" HDD Bay (also supports 2.5" HDD)
• 1U Rackmountable (hardware included)

The UniFi® Dream Machine Pro is an all-in-one network appliance for a scalable network in an office, retail, or hospitality environment. Powered by a fast 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the UDM Pro combines multiple functions into a single device: 
• Advanced Security Gateway with Built-in Switch 
• Dual WAN Ports: One 10G SFP+ and One Gigabit RJ45 
• One 10G SFP+ LAN Port 
• Embedded Enterprise Software: UniFi Network 
• 3.5" HDD Bay for NVR Storage (2.5" HDD also supported) 

The UDM Pro includes the UniFi Network Controller so you can manage your UniFi Switches and APs. It can also run the UniFi Protect software for convenient monitoring and complete management of your camera surveillance system. Video recordings are stored on the built-in NVR (hard drive not included) and can be easily accessed using the UniFi Protect mobile app. Via remote access, you can securely view the recordings that are privately stored on the UDM Pro rather than a third-party server. 

The UDM Pro supports multiple redundancy options to ensure your network remains operational: 
• Dual WAN with Failover Supports dual internet/ISP connections with failover: if the primary WAN connection drops, it will automatically switch to the other WAN connection. 
• LTE Failover Redundancy Supports the UniFi LTE device for automatic failover to the LTE cellular network. If the wired WAN fails, it will automatically switch to the UniFi LTE, keeping your network online1
 Power Supply Redundancy and Failover The UDM Pro supports our PSU failover system, the UniFi SmartPower RPS, model USP-RPS. If the internal power supply unit fails, the proprietary USP RPS interface acts to provide redundant power for backup2.
1 Requires use of the U-LTE and active LTE account (US only). 
2 Requires use of the USP-RPS (coming soon).

Deployment Example

The UniFi Network Controller software runs on the UDM Pro, which also acts as a firewall and DHCP server for the local network. 
The UniFi Protect Controller software, which manages the cameras, can also run on the UDM Pro (with an HDD installed).

Powerful Security 
The UDM Pro offers advanced firewall policies and persistent threat management* to act as an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS). 
• Threat Management Easily select and customize levels of security for viruses and malware, Point-to-Point (PtP) protection, hacking, internet traffic, and website reputation. 
 Endpoint Scanning The UDM Pro automatically scans endpoints (clients) connected to your network to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. 
• Honeypot Embedded Honeypot functionality can detect malware, worms, and other types of malicious traffic trying to scan your network for vulnerabilities.
• DNS Content Filtering DNS filters block traffic from sites with malicious, phishing, or adult content. There are three levels of DNS filtering security, each adding more protection. 
• GeoIP Filtering GeoIP filtering allows you to block outgoing, incoming, or bi-directional traffic designated by country. Use the UniFi threat map to select the countries you intend to block. 
* Requires UniFi software v5.12 or newer.

Additional Features 
• Automatic QoS Top QoS priority is assigned to voice and video traffic. 
• VPN Server for Secure Communications A site-to-site VPN secures and encrypts private data communications traveling over the internet. 
• Convenient VLAN Support The UDM Pro can create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management. 
• Innovative Display The 1.3" touchscreen displays status information for easy monitoring and quick troubleshooting.

Superior Performance 
The UDM Pro offers significantly greater performance over the previous generation of UniFi Security Gateways.

Scalable UniFi Network Controller 
Management Capabilities 
The UniFi Network Controller can provision UniFi devices, map out networks, and quickly manage system traffic. Important network details are logically organized for a simplified, yet powerful, interface. 
Network Overview 
From a single pane of glass, view network topology and configuration, real-time statistics, and debugging metrics. Monitor your network’s vitals and make on-the-fly adjustments as needed.
Deep Packet Inspection 
Ubiquiti’s proprietary Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine includes the latest application identification signatures to track which applications (and IP addresses) are using the most bandwidth. 
Detailed Analytics 
The UniFi Network Controller provides configurable reporting and analytics to manage large user populations and expedite troubleshooting. Advanced search and sorting capabilities make network management more efficient.  
Switch Port Configuration 
You can configure the network/VLAN configuration and network settings on the UniFi Dream Machine Pro.
Switch Port Status 
You can also view status information for each port of the UniFi Dream Machine Pro:
• Connection speed and duplex mode
• TX/RX data rates 
• Network/VLAN setting
Software Features
The UniFi Network Controller software offers the following features: 
• Centralized configuration management (including configuration cloning) 
• Auto-MDIX automatically adjusts as needed for straight through or crossover cable
• 802.1X (RADIUS) authentication and dynamic VLAN.

UniFi Protect Software 
Designed for convenient monitoring and complete management of your camera surveillance system, the UniFi Protect Controller allows you to set up, configure, and monitor your UniFi cameras using a graphical user interface. You can install it on the UDM Pro, and there are no separate software, licensing, hosting, or support fees. 
Easy Setup 
Using a standard web browser or Bluetooth setup from your mobile device, deployment of your UniFi Protect controller can be set up and configured in a matter of minutes. 
Feature-Packed User Interface Accessible from a web browser, UniFi Protect was designed to be easy-to-use yet packed with advanced features. The UniFi Protect interface is incredibly intuitive and loaded with powerful features such as statistical reporting, multiple live views options, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics, and customizable event recordings. 
Plug and Play Installation Automatic camera detection in UniFi Protect makes it easy to install and deploy cameras. All of the camera settings are integrated into the software. You can also configure, reboot, or upgrade the firmware on any camera from within the UniFi Protect interface.
Additional Live Views Playlists can be created with a configurable live camera feed rotation. Define the cameras you want included in the playlist and how long you want them to appear on the screen before moving on to the next live feed. 
Cost-Effective Solution Shattering conventional industry thinking, UniFi Protect provides powerful IP surveillance software without the huge up-front costs or monthly subscription fees. 
Mobile App The downloadable app provides free remote cloud access to your UniFi Protect system. It also allows you to securely access video recordings that are privately stored on the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus and not a third-party server or internet cloud. 

Εγγυήσεις - Επιστροφές:
Επιστροφή Χρημάτων: Επισκευή - Αντικατάσταση:
20 ημέρες 12 μήνες
Dimensions 442.4 x 43.7 x 285.6 mm
With Brackets
3.90 kg 
3.99 kg


(8) 10/100/1000 RJ45 LAN Ports 
(1) 10/100/1000 RJ45 WAN Port 
(1) 1/10G SFP+ LAN Port 
(1) 1/10G SFP+ WAN Port
Ethernet In-Band 
(1) Bluetooth BLE
IDS/IPS Throughput 3.5 Gbps*
* Measured with iPerf3.
Processor Quad ARM Cortex-A57 Core at 1.7 GHz
System Memory 4 GB DDR4
On-Board Flash Storage 16 GB eMMC
Max Power Consumption 33W
Voltage Range 100 to 240VAC
Power Method (1) Universal AC Input, 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
(1) RPS DC Input
Power Supply Internal 50W/12V

ESD/EMP Protection Air: ± 16 kV, Contact: ± 12 kV
Operating Temperature -10 to 40°C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Noncondensing
Certifications CE, FCC, IC
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